Inmarsat Fleet Internet Setups on Motor Yachts

By Alan Spicer December 2004
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Sample Inmarsat Maritime Equipment




Cisco 1700-series Routers usedfor the ISDN and Serial connections typical of Inmarsat Internet Connections





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Introduction to us and what we do

This is Alan Spicer Telecom Co. which is a Computer, Communications, and Computer Networking Service Company near Fort Lauderdale Florida. Our contact information is below.


Internet Access and Connection Sharing for Inmarsat Satellite Systems (Saturn B, Fleet 33, Fleet 55, and Fleet 77)

Inmarsat systems are installed on many motor yachts to provide telephone, fax, and GMDSS Safety functions at sea. Inmarsat systems work almost anywhere a yacht travels with for the most part no action required on part of the crew.

Internet Access capability usually comes with the service but during the installation this often isn't set up since it requires quite a bit of networking (equipment and configuration) knowledge to do it properly and to make it easy to use. It requires an external device called a "router" to make the Internet Connections (two types: HSD 64Kb/s Data dedicated connection billed per minute, and MPDS 64Kb/s Data shared connection billed per data downloaded and can be always on).

We install Cisco 1700 series or similar model routers to fill the hardware need for a connection control and routing device. The router needs to have the correct cards installed for the HSD (ISDN BRI S/T) and MPDS (Serial Data).


The router can be controlled from any PC type of computer, usually the Captains Computer and/or the Ships Bridge Computer is used as "Connection Control" for the Satellite Internet Connections described above. Special control software is installed that can be scripted to provide control buttons (icons) on the Connection Control computer allowing activating and de-activation the Internet Connections.

The Cisco Router requires configuration programming in order for it to handle the job that it is to perform. The configuration used required considerable time and testing investment to perfect. It is a highly specialized configuration for this specific application.

The Cisco Router is connected to the two connection ports on the Inmarsat Below Decks Unit. It is also connected to the Local Area Network. This allows it to share the Satellite Internet Connections with computers on a local wired and with the addition of Wireless Access Point devices with wireless equipped computers.


Cisco Routers are very reliable. They survive power outages and retain their software and configuration settings. They have no moving parts and outlast other hardware such as PC Computers which can suffer from things such as Hard Disk Drive failure.


Do you need a Router installation for a Motor Yacht?

Alan Spicer Telecom has installed many Cisco Router Inmarsat Satellite Internet systems on yachts. If you need this type of setup installed on a yacht please see the contact information below. Remote installation consulting and assistance is also available if you are not in the local area but still need to get this done. Everything needed will be sent to you and support arranged to make sure that it works on your vessel. Call or Email for a Quote/Estimate on this.

Instructions, Documentation, and Support

I provide complete documentation on these jobs, including a diagram of how the system is connected and configured. Instructions are included in this project documentation. I provide technical support by email and/or telephone for installations.

Other Projects

I have worked on over 20 Motor Yachts in 2004 (over 50 yachts by 2006) and in a few homes as well. The Inmarsat Satellite Internet System is working every day in many of them. In 2005 and 2006 (and going forward) I now consult on a full range of money saving Internet/Voice/Fax/Communications areas for the marine environment. Please contact by phone or email if you would like some advice or consultation.

Please visit my web site on: for further information on services that I can provide.

I have also sub contracted via other local companies and have worked with adding or improving computer and Internet networking for yachts with Inmarsat (Sat B, Fleet 33, Fleet 55, Fleet 77) Wavecall, and VSAT ... as well as doing computer upgrades and fixes. I have Internet Service Provider experience and have worked with Cable Modems, Dial-Up Internet, and DSL type of connections.

Many guys can plug in a network and hopefully it works on your yacht. Far fewer understand how networks work and can help you when they don't work. I like to believe I'm one of those few...


My Contact Information: Alan Spicer Telecom 954-683-3426, 954-977-5245, a_spicer (at)

























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